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Final Exam

Junior 6 Final Exam 2011   Answer all the questions in a Google doc and share it with me:     1. Tudor Monarchs a. Write something important that happened under each King or Queen. Say why you believe … Continue reading

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Tudor Times

Each group will be in charge of answering questions for one topic. The War of The Roses a. Explain why the war took place. b. What happened the battle of Bosworth? c. How did the two houses united? Information Homelife a. … Continue reading

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Henry II and T. Becket

Watch, read and answer.

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SO, were the Vikings violent?

Vikings lived ‘harmoniously with our ancestors’ Viking warriors who raided and colonised Britain in the 11th century went on to form harmonious relationships with our ancestors, scientists claim. Vikings may have been fierce but they built friendly relations with Britons Photo: … Continue reading

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Read about Robin Hood

According to this article, what is negative about Robin Hood? Do you agree? Can you find something positive about him? Robin Hood

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Have fun with games!

Game 1 Game 2 Game 3  

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Anglo-Saxon’s beliefs!

Check this site and anser these ques: 1. What did the Anglo Saxons believe in? 2. Where did archeologists take information from? 3. What was the job of Christian monks? 4. Who was Bede? Why was he important? 5. … Continue reading

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Play with the Romans

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Roman Britain

This picture shows a great difference between Roman Britain and Celtic Britain. Can you tell me any other thing that was also different?

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The Celts

Taking into account what you know about the Celts so far, what called your attention? Leave you answer here!

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