Romeo and Juliet: watch some scenes


Watch this video and play. How much do you know about “Romeo and Juliet”?


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4 Responses to Romeo and Juliet: watch some scenes

  1. Cami & Cata says:

    We liked all the games but the 1 more.
    We got all the answers correct in the test!
    And also we liked the videos they were very funny!
    Cami & Cata

  2. Luna, Catu y Lara says:

    It was very funnny!! hahaha

  3. Cande and Felipe says:

    It Is a very exited game you become adicted to it game we pass only to the level 5 .When you lose you shot like ahh.The videos were good we answer all the questions okey . We were so exited of game.

  4. santi and mateo says:

    We saw that the most of the scenes are different that in the movie

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