Final Exam

Junior 6

Final Exam 2011


Answer all the questions in a Google doc and share it with me:



1. Tudor Monarchs

a. Write something important that happened under each King or Queen. Say why you believe it is important.

b. What religion did each of them impose inEngland?


2. Henry VII

a. Which war did he end?

b. What problems did he face?


3. Henry VIII

a. Why didn’t Henry expect to be King?

b. Why did Henry break withRome?


c. Why did he have 6 wives? Who were they and what happened to them?


4. Elizabeth I

a. Check these WebPages and complete this chart


Important writer


b. Who were Sir Walter Raleigh and Francis Drake? What did they do?

c. Find a source connected to this topic in any webpage that you like.

The Spanish Armada

d. Read the poem and find relations to the topic of the Spanish Armada.

A poem for kids about Francis Drake and the Spanish Armada, by Paul Perro

Francis Drake was a pirate,
Who sailed all around the world.
He liked to attack Spanish ships
And steal their jewels and gold.

He gave the treasure to the queen,
She thought he was a hero.
The Spanish were afraid of him
And called him the dragon, “El Draco.”

One day he was playing bowls
With some friends by the sea,
When he saw some Spanish ships coming,
They wanted back their jewellery.

“Quick” said his friends, “We must go at once
And chase that Armada away!”
But Drake said “No, we can finish our game,
We still have time to play.”

Eventually the game was over,
And Francis Drake said “Right!
Let’s play a trick on them,
And give them such a fright.”

He took an empty ship
And set fire to the mast,
Then pushed it towards the Spanish
Who were looking on, aghast.

They saw the fireship coming towards them
And they were filled with fear.
“It’s Draco the dragon” they told themselves,
“Let’s get out of here!”

The Spanish ships turned around
And headed back for Spain.
Drake laughed and shouted at them
“Don’t come back again!”


5. Who was the next King?

Complete his profile




Date of birth:




Date of Death:




Why he became king ofEngland:



How he looked and acted:



Things that happened during his reign…

6. Glossary

Make a list of words you have learnt and write the meaning.





Please, don’t do copy and paste! Use your own words. If you want to use new words, look them up in the dictionary and write them in the glossary.Those who do not hand in will have to do it and hand it in February but also they will have an oral exam.

If you have any doubts, send an email to me.

Good luck!!


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