Tudor Times

Each group will be in charge of answering questions for one topic.

The War of The Roses

a. Explain why the war took place.

b. What happened the battle of Bosworth?

c. How did the two houses united?



a. Was the Tudor life comfortable? Give examples.

b. State 3 differences between the rich and the poor Tudors.

Check here


Tudor Towns

Describe towns and shops

Check info

Food and Music

a. What new food did they have thanks to trading with the world?
b. How did they preserve food?
c. Find photos of instruments and explain what kind of music they played.

Use this link

Tudors Clothes
Find sources and explain how rich and poor people dressed.

Check this

Crime and Punishment

a. Give examples of punishments.
b. Find pictures to support your ideas.
c. What calls your attention about this topic.

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a. Characteristics of the Tudor Theatre.

b. WHat sports did they play?

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