(1)   What do you like about the movie Inception? You may talk about the plot, action, visual effects,  emotions and music,  etc.

(2)   Which scene is your favorite? Describe what happens before, during and after. Explain why it is your favorite scene.

3) Who is your favorite character? Why? Describe this person by mentioning their physical appearance, personality and how they remind you of someone in your real life.


If you were Cobb who is capable of entering the dream of a target person, whose dream would you go into? What information would you extract from that person’s subconscious mind?

(2)     If you were Cobb, would you shoot Mal who is just a projection in the hospital?

(3)     If you could design a totem for yourself, what would it be?


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13 Responses to Inception

  1. Cami Barletta! says:

    1) I thing that i loved about the movie incepion were the special effects and the sound!! it was incredible!!!!
    2)My favourite scene is when Cobb was in his dream in the plane.Before that Cobb talked with Fischer in the plane and after that part he was in his dream within a dream. Because in his first dream he starting having a dream because of that machine.
    3)The character i liked best is Cobb because he was an action character. He is a tall person and a good person . He always think a lot before doing something.
    4)I will go into my brothers mind to see wath he tinks and i woldnt extract anything.
    5) No i wouldn’t
    6)It would be a totem for nowing thing that are in exams.

  2. pancho says:

    1)The part thet i like more was the one that they were falling into the water.
    2)My favourite scene was when cobb saw their sons at the end.Before that cobb was at the limbo and after that the totem of mall doesnt fall.
    3)My favourite character is cobb because he is very inteligent.
    1)I’ll get in my sister dream to known what she think about me.
    2)yes, i will.
    3)it would be a piece of a flower.

  3. Pepo Roldan says:

    1)The movie inseption is a great movie, very difficult to understand.The movie “Inseption” have greats effects, action music “suspenso” music.
    The movie is about a group of persons that have a machine not any machine a dream machine.They could dream when they want and control everything.
    2)The last scene the scene about that leonardo di´caprio shoot mall,that scene for me is the best because it is important with a lot of accion and guns i love that scene.
    3)My favourite actor is leonardo di´caprio because he is a person with a lot of action.He is a boy,a bad person that have a unhappy story and he is very very inteligent.He remind me Thomas Guglielmone because they are all time running doing something excitin they have a blond hair.
    4)Of cristian U for watch hes live.
    5)Yes,I will shoot her.
    6)A YO-YO.

  4. mateo says:

    1)I like the emotion and music the music put me nervous.
    2)The scene that most like it when the car jump to the river in camera slow.
    3)My favourite character was the girl because she was intelligent,brave and curious.
    i`ll enter in the dream of mi brother.I extract with who is he dreaming.
    2)yes i will
    3)i will be a piece of chocolate.

  5. luki says:

    1.I like all the movie but I like most the visual effects
    2.My favorite part is when they were fighting in zero gravity.Before the car started to fall during the car was in the air and after the car finally get into the water.
    3.My favourite character is Cobb because he made excellent plans to don´t confuse the dreams with the real life . He was thin,he had blond hair,he had beard and personality he was very courageous.He remind me to my uncle because of his beard it is similat to my uncle´s one.
    I would enter to Messi´s mind to see why he don´t play good in Argentina.
    2.Yes I do
    3.It would be a ball.

  6. Bauti says:

    1)I like the music and the effects.
    2)I like when Dom killed Mal because Mal killed his friend.
    3)I like Mal because he waas very brave and she appeard always.
    4)I will enter in my brother to saw wath he dream and why.
    5)Yes I would.
    6)A piece of bread.

  7. Rochi :] says:

    1. The part I liked most about the movie is that they can connect to a machine and immediately go into whatever dream you want.
    2. My favorite scene is when Cobb and Ariadne get into an elevator and go to whatever dream Cobb had with Mal. They could see his dreams over and over again. It´s my favorite because you can see whatever dream you have dreamt…I WOULD LOVE TO SEE MINE!
    3. My favorite character is Ariadne. She is not very tall. She has brown hair and is a college student studying to be an architect. She can design the dreams. She reminds me of one of my cousins studying to be an architect.
    1. I would go into a famous person´s mind and extract their best moment of their life.
    2. Yes, I would.
    3. It would be a microphone.

  8. Flor Araya says:

    1)I liked that it was very well acted and i also liked the special effects.
    2)My favourite scene is when Mal dies. Before Mal dies Cobb enters to the room, he steped on a glass, he saw the window open and he looked out and saw Mal in the other side. After that scene Cobb is telling to Ariadne how was Mal’s dead. I liked that scene bacause it was vey interesting.
    3) My favorite character is Cobb because he is smart and brave.
    I would enter to my dog’s dream because i want to know what does she dreams and i would like to talk to her in the dream.
    (2) Maybe because if she’s still doing bad things i would shot but if she changed and now she does good things i wouldn’t.
    (3) I would be a ring.

  9. Nicolas, Estani and Cherry (Gon) says:

    1-We like all the movie and the special efects
    2-Our favourite scene was when they were faling into the river in slow camera
    3-Our favourite character was Cobb.Because it was realy inteligent.
    4-I ll enter to Batista*s dream*s because i ll know all the Argentina players
    5-yes, I would
    6-it would be a necklece

  10. Lara and Delfi says:

    1) I like very much the music because it is conected to the movie.
    2) My favorite part is when cobb was with the new girl and the street turn around befor that Cobb and that girl were drincking a coffee and after the street turn around they walk the street around.
    3)My favorite actor is Cobb because he is very interesting and he is the protagonist of the movie he is strong and sencible at the time,in the real life he is beatifull.
    If i am Cobb i will go into my enemi´s dream to know what is he thinking about me.
    2)No,because it is a memorie and is important to me.
    3)I will do a coin of $10.000 in gold.

  11. Cande and Luna says:

    1)We liked the music, because it was of suspense , and we liked the effects.
    2) Cande: My favorite part was when a part of a city wents to the other part wents to the other part of the city, before that the girl didin’t want to got up, after that the girl finnaly got up.
    Luna: My favourite part was when, the van was in the air and in the dream, they were like flying! Before that, the man and the friend went to a room and they met with anothers. The man asked if the others can put him asleep. After that, they went into the snow andhad to do a mission.
    3)Our favorite character was Cobb, because we liked he’s positionin the movie.Heis black hair, brown eyes and a beutiful smile.He is very brave.He is like our fathers.
    We would enter to the president dreams to see if she wants to steal us.
    2) No, because is just a protector.
    3) Cande: It will be like something to know the future.
    Luna: I would use it to ask questions of the world and people!

  12. luli y catu says:

    1)We like the visual effects, the plot is very interesting and a little difficult to understand.
    2)Our favourite scene is when they are in the snow.We love the visual effects and the explosions!!
    3)Our favourita character is Cobb. He is brave, intelligent, tall and he tries to do all good.
    If we were Cobb we will wanted to go into the dream of lady gaga because we wanted to know how she invent the songs.
    2)Yes, because she was just a projection, she was not real.
    3)It would be a marble.

  13. pancho says:

    1) we like the music because it gives the movie a sound of intrige.

    2) our favourite scene is when ariadgne is in the elebator and she goes to the last floor and she descobers the truth.

    3) our favourite character is mal because she is brave and misterius.

    mara: i will enter to the other people´s dreams and see what´s going on.

    felipe: i will enter to maradona’s dream and told him to play football.

    2) yes, because she does bad things.

    3) mara: i would dising a dress.
    felipe: i would dising a football ball.

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