Read about Robin Hood

According to this article, what is negative about Robin Hood? Do you agree? Can you find something positive about him?

Robin Hood

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20 Responses to Read about Robin Hood

  1. pancho says:

    Something negative about robin is that he stole to rich people.Im agree because he stole it for poor people.
    I found that he help poor peolpe and that is positive.

  2. Flor,Felipe y Santi says:

    1.What is negative of Robin Hood is that he stole a lot.
    3.Something positive is that he help poor people.

  3. Cata Rela says:

    That he steals from the rich man to give the money to the poor ones.
    No I think that it’s injust for the rich ones.
    That he defend the law.

  4. mateo says:

    That he stole to the rich to gave to the poor.Yes,im agree .Yes that he helped to poor people.

  5. Pedro Roldan says:

    I think that one think that is bad of robin i that he is very violent,Yes i agree,A good think is that his a hero.Pepo

  6. Catu Grosso says:

    That he stole a lot of money from the rich and gave the money to the poor people.
    More or less because the rich have to do a lot of things to have the money and the poor people didn’t work.
    That he helped the people.

  7. toti says:

    Robbin hood was a good person because he helped the poor people but he doesn´t had money he stole it to the rich people because in that time the rich were bad people and he wants to get revange of it and teach them not to post their money. But the rich keep on posting their money so Robbin keeps stoling

  8. Nico says:

    I think that something negative its that he steal a lot of money
    I agree the middle of the part and the other no
    Im think that something positive that he is the man thet help the mosty of the people

  9. Bauti says:

    1)The negative thing of Robin Hood is that he stole to rich people.
    2)Yes I agree.
    3)That he gave the people that he stole to poor people.

  10. tborda says:

    that he stole to the rich and gave to the peopel of the tawn the money,and he is violent i agree

  11. mara says:

    Something negative about Robin Hood is that he stole money to give it to the poor people.
    I don´t agry because he stood money, if he said that it is for poor people maybe the people would gave it to him.

  12. luki says:

    The bad thing about Robin was that he stole money to rich people but I agree because then he gave the money to the poor people.The good thing is that he helped poor people.

  13. luli giambruni says:

    The negative thing about Robin Hood is that he has stolen money from people but
    I agree because the good thing is thet he gave that many to poor people.

  14. Cande :p says:

    Somthing negative about Robin hood is that he stole money, things from rich people.Yes ,because then he gave to poor people.Yes ,that he help poor people

  15. delfi says:

    one negative thig is that he stole money. I agree because he did it for something positive that was giving that money to help poor people and that was the money that a very rich man stole from the poor people so he didn´t do anything wrong

  16. jose :) says:

    something negative about robin hood is that he rob money. I agree because he stole money from poor people. yes, that he helped poor people.

  17. luz gf says:

    that he stold money.
    Yes, because he did that for poor people.
    He helped people that didnt had money (poor people )

  18. Luna says:

    That he was an outlaw and he stole the king and rich people their money.
    Yes, because it was for poor people. And the rich people had everything.
    That he give poor people money to live.

  19. Cami Barletta! says:

    Robin Hood was a bad person because he stole things and money from the richs an the he gave it to the poors.
    I don’t agree because is unfair for the richs who worked to have thir own things and money.
    Something positive about Robin Hood is they he gave the poor money (from the rich) to live. But I’m not saying it’s ok.

  20. Rochi :) says:

    1.Something negative about Robin Hood is that he stole money from the rich.
    2.No, I don´t agree because steeling is wrong…even if it´s for the poor. He should ask people for the money.
    3.Something positive about Robin Hood is that he wanted to help the poor.

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