The Celts

Taking into account what you know about the Celts so far, what called your attention? Leave you answer here!

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23 Responses to The Celts

  1. tomas says:

    i like the culture of the celts

  2. Luna says:

    One thing that called my atention was that they killed people for their gods and goddesses!!Now we wouldn´t do that! Right?

  3. catu says:

    I think that the druids called my attention

  4. felipe says:

    it was very interesting

  5. Cami Barletta says:

    I liked the houses an their culture .

  6. pancho says:

    The celts for me are similars to vikings because they had shields and swords to fight.
    I like that the warriors paint all their bodys.

  7. tomas says:

    the best part of the celts was when the roman army fought aginst the celts but when they discovered that they had a good army they went because they didnt have horses and they didnt think that they were so good so they went to Rom and priperd them selfs and came agian and they foght and the roman army won. The celts need to be slavis of the roman.

  8. santi says:

    the colorful clothe that they use and the place that they live call my atention

  9. lucila giambruni says:

    I love the weapons they used:
    -The shields
    -The swords
    -The spears
    And all the round houses.

  10. Delfi says:

    I think that the most that calls my attention was how does they dress
    And the things that they use to fight,
    That are the things that calls my attention.

  11. luki says:

    I was very surprised about their clothes , they wore colorful clothes and the tipycal scotland skirt.

  12. Lara says:

    1)One thing that was interesant for me was the hear of the people thear.
    2)Anather thing for me was the clothes ,I never think that they use clorfull clothes to scared the oponents.
    3)Anather thing is that they put their oponents haed in their door.

  13. Flor Araya says:

    The Celts impresed me very much, in their way of living like:
    they lived a huge family in one house.
    That they belived in many gods.
    How they fought against other tribes and agains the Romans.

  14. Nico says:

    the things that sourprise me were:
    they make their own bread
    that they paint all their bodys

  15. Mara says:

    What I didn t know about the celts is that they lived in houses with walls made of daub and the roof of shaw.Their clothes were verry different they look like a tartan and they used a blue body painting called woad.
    I didn t know that after the celts the romans ruled the british isles.
    And also they belibe in ghosts and golddest.

  16. Mateo says:

    The things that most surprise me was:
    1.The clothes: They clothes than a tartan
    2.The culture: They paint all the body, its very impresionant!
    3.The religions: They belive in a lot of godesses and we only have one!

  17. Catu says:

    The things that more inpressed me was that they live a lot of people in the same house and that they belive in a lot of gods. I learn of the celts and the clouths that they were and a lot of things more.

  18. Cata Rela says:

    The things that suprised me were:
    1) The girls can go to wars
    2) That they painted their bodys
    3)That they could win the romans at the 1 time
    4)That they made tools and weapons from bone
    5)That they made their oun bread

  19. Estani Casas says:

    Several things surprised me about the celts:
    1) What most surprised me of the celts was how they built their houses. The materials they used were mud and straw.
    2)It also surprised me how they were dressed for war. They had a shield, a spear and an iron custom.
    3) The food they ate was boars.

  20. Pedro Roldan says:

    Pato, The things that most impressed me are:
    That they live in straw and mud houses and prepare their own bread. That is awesome.
    They believed in many “Gods”. The first time I saw the godesses (in the web)
    I thought it was a copy of a Greek Godess, but no, it is another “Religion” Thats awesome.
    It also impressed my that the celts were very lonely people.
    I was also surprised by how many religions exist in the history of the world.

  21. Mateo says:

    i learn a lot of things of the godesses and of the celts.ej:clothes (they clothe tahat a tartan),decorations (torcs and to paint all the body),his houses its of firewood) and a lot of things more of the celts.

  22. Tomy A says:

    The thing that called me the attention was that the Celts cut the enemies head and gave it to the gods.

  23. Rochi :) says:

    The religion was very interesting and so were the huts! But the thing that most caught my attention was that they were fierce fighters because I thought that they would have a hard time conquering lands with the items they used to fight with.

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